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End of the line, but not the campaign

So with one more shot across the bows of Sinar Mas, the Forests for Climate ship tour draws to a close. Since it began in Papua New Guinea back in August, we’ve been able to see the awe-inspiring forests that still exist in this part of the world, and the fate that awaits them if we allow companies like Sinar Mas, Wilmar and others to run rampant or politicians to take the easy road of inaction. But the solutions are at hand – a moratorium on deforestation in the short term, and an international funding agreement for forest protection for the long term.

The ship tour may be over but our campaign continues. I’m returning to the UK to do my bit from there, but it’s an international effort with work going on in China, the Netherlands, the US and, of course, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. If you want to join in, go to the website of your local Greenpeace office and register for their email updates. The more support we have, the quicker we’ll reach our goal of zero deforestation, not just in south-east Asia but across the world.

By the way, comments are still pouring in to the Jakarta Post’s opinion poll, so it looks like you can still add yours.

Zero deforestation – let’s make it happen.


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