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Bye, bye Tweety

All packed up and ready to go © Greenpeace/Woolley

All packed up and ready to go © Greenpeace/Woolley

Over the next few days, as the tour winds down, people will gradually start leaving the Esperanza and making their way back home. However, the first character to get off the ship wasn’t a person at all, but Tweety the helicopter who has been ferrying various people over the forests and plantations of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea for the last three months.

Except for Tweety, this doesn’t just mark the end of the tour around south-east Asia, but also her career with Greenpeace. After 25 years of sterling service, she’s being packed up and sent away for refurbishment, but she won’t be returning to work for Greenpeace.

Tweety has been a vital part of many ship tours, not least during the various Southern Ocean expeditions when she was instrumental in tracking down the Japanese whalers. Watching her being lifted off the Esperanza and her personal effects following her on to the waiting barge was the end of a little piece of Greenpeace history.

posted by Jamie on board the Esperanza


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Farewell to the palm oil boom town

After giving the Isola Corallo a farewell paint-job, we’ve finally taken our leave of Dumai. We did everything we set out to do (and perhaps a bit more), and we’ve reminded people both nationally and internationally about the problems associated with palm oil production in Indonesia. And as I mentioned in my last post, palm oil giant Sinar Mas has been rattled by our actions and, even though Greenpeace campaigners are now due to meet with their representatives next week in Bali, we’re not going to stop exposing the wanton destruction at their hands (and the hands of other companies) of the forests and peatlands here.

This afternoon, we arrived in Singapore which is to be our final destination. This expedition is winding up but don’t go anywhere just yet – we have one last task to perform but you’ll have to wait for Monday to find out what that is.

In the meantime, remember that poll the Jakarta Post was running about whether our actions were justified? They’ve published some of the response on their website and apart from one or two negative comments, everyone thinks we did the right thing. Thank you very much if you emailed or texted in – you can go one better and write to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president of Indonesia, demanding an immediate end to deforestation in his country.

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