Follow the Esperanza in Google Earth

Follow the Esperanza in Google Earth

Follow the Esperanza in Google Earth

If you’re still trying to picture the destinations we’ve been to so far and the route we’re taking through Indonesia, you can now follow the Esperanza in Google Earth. Just download this Google Earth layer and you can see when and where the highlights on the tour have occurred. (You’ll need to have Google Earth installed as well, of course.)

New placemarks will appear automatically as we update the journey, so check back often to see what we’ve been up to and how the campaign is progressing. If you don’t want to install Google Earth, you can also see where we are in your web browser.

The mysterious whale, answers on a postcard © Greenpeace/Sharomov

© Greenpeace/Sharomov

Meanwhile, we left Manokwari on Monday and are sailing west towards Jakarta where we’ll arrive in the middle of next week. We’ve passed through a narrow passage called Selat Sagewin, less than 2 miles between the forested slopes of two islands, and we’re now cruising through the Ceram Sea.

The crew have been taking advantage of the journey to Jakarta and the paint pots have come out to give some parts of the ship a touch-up. I also been taking a break from my web duties to help out and yesterday a gang of us were giving the forward bulkhead of the boat deck a new coat of paint.

While we were working, Locky the bosun and Silas spotted a commotion in the water a couple of hundred metres away. Areas of the sea were foaming, and every so often a plume of water would shoot skywards which could only mean one thing – whales. Several of them appeared to be herding schools of fish into bait balls and occasionally a set of massive jaws breached the water as a whale scooped up its prey.

Dimitri, our second mate, took a few photos and although we were some distance away, you can clearly see a whale gorging itself. It’s seven years since he’s seen a whale at sea – a lucky day, indeed.

posted by Jamie, on board the Esperanza


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    Allen Westerby said,

    I’ve just returned from a Greenpeace skillshare in Mid wales. Very impressed with your actions in Indonesia. Very glad that you are getting results.

    Many best wishes to you all.


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